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My first 15 min of fame!

A few weeks back, Leo Laporte approached Lullabot about developing the new TWiT website. Well we gladly accepted, I mean, this is Leo! So I was put in charge of developing the new site, and deviating a bit from our usual consultant based contracts, we took the entire development for this project in house so I could really work my magic :-) Well I have to say, this site is coming out amazingly well and just a few days ago we gave Leo a sneak peak.

What we didn’t realize was that he was going to plug us like crazy on episode 47 of TWiT (circa minute 53). His podcast is listened to by at least 250,000 people a week and is consistently in the top 10 podcasts on iTunes. A clip of what he said about us and especially, about my work, can be listened to below. Wow, thanks Leo! I do have to agree with him, this is some of my best work to date, a culmination of 7+ years of web design experience. ;-)

I’ll have more details on the new site soon, along with a URL when we can officially announce it. So stay tuned!

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Jamie Larson