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Book Review: Drupal 7 Module Development

Well, it’s been a while my Drupal friends, almost 18 months… dusting off this old Drupal 6 blog and time to start posting again. And what better way to get started again than by talking about Drupal 7, by far the best release of Drupal. And with almost 7

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Automatically Extracting Tags from Nodes

Automatically tagging content is becoming easier with services like OpenCalais [] and Yahoo Terms Extractor [], offering their APIs for free semantic analysis of content. There’s even a great Drupal module, Auto Tagging [] (with

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RightScale & Drupal - How to Get Internal IP Address

I’m working on a new project that has a Drupal site running in the cloud–specifically Amazon AWS [] with RightScale [] sitting on top to manage our servers and automated scaling scripts. The advantage of RightScale is it allows us to manage

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Drupal Behavior to Fix IE6 CSS Background Image Flickering

When the new myLifetime community launched we wanted to focus on performance, and one trick was to minimize HTTP requests by using the CSS sprites technique. For a great run down of this technique and examples of other major sites using this, check out this resource on Smashing Magazine [http:

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myLifetime Community Launches

Recently, the new myLifetime Community [] launched and it has been an overwhelming success. With members joining at such a fast rate, it’ll soon be surging past 100,000 registered members []. This site is separate from the main myLifetime site

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Blog Redesign and Drupal "Spring Theme" Released

Almost exactly 1 year ago I redesigned this blog and today, I unveil yet another new design. This time, it’s running Drupal 6 and all that goodness. I’ve enhanced the contrast on the design quite a bit and really improved the readability on posts and comments, along with

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MothersClick Acquired by Lifetime Networks [] and the rest of the ParentsClick Network []have been acquired by Lifetime Entertainment [] . I’ve been working on this site and with Dietrich (CEO & founder) for over 2

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Creating an Alpha Pager with Views 2 and Drupal 6

UPDATE: Earl comments below [] how this is already built in. Two different ways to achieve a similar result, each with their own pros/cons. Hats off to Earl Miles [] and the rest the views developers [] they

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Getting Drupal to Play Nice with Your CDN

Note: A better version of this patch is going into Drupal 7. View the issue/patch here []. Getting Drupal to play nice with your CDN [] can be a bit of a hassle. You have to make sure

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Preventing Drupal from Handling 404s for Performance

The .htaccess file included with Drupal tells Apache to send all 404 requests to Drupal to handle. While this is great in some cases, the performance degradation can have a huge impact on a site that has millions of users. When Drupal processes a 404, it has to bootstrap Drupal,

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