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Blog Redesign and Drupal "Spring Theme" Released

Almost exactly 1 year ago I redesigned this blog and today, I unveil yet another new design. This time, it’s running Drupal 6 and all that goodness. I’ve enhanced the contrast on the design quite a bit and really improved the readability on posts and comments, along with using the GeSHi code filter for much better display of code snippets. This theme was built on top of the Drupal Blueprint theme, which I maintain, and also made theming this site quick and simple.

As always, my previous theme (screen shot above) is now available for download below. A full page screenshot is also available as well. Feel free to use the theme as example, turn into something better, and even contribute back to Drupal if you wish. I do not have any plans for it except to share with others. Please note, the theme is Drupal 5 so would need a tiny bit of work to make it work on Drupal 6.

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Jamie Larson