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MothersClick Wins Niche Social Networking Category in Web 2.0 Awards

MothersClick placed 1st in the Niche Social Networking category for SEOmoz’s 3rd Annual Web 2.0 Awards. I’m very pleased with the result as myself and the rest of the MothersClick team have really been working our tails off launching version 3 of our platform just a few months ago. Expect a more detailed look at this new version (including information about our brand new community API for Drupal to be released late summer/fall) in a future blog post.

Congratulations to other Drupal winners on this list including imbee who placed 3rd in the niche social networking category, NowPublic who placed 2nd in social news, and to our friends at jQuery who placed 3rd in WebDev.

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Jamie Larson