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Launching Mom Blog Network

That’s right, the all new Mom Blog Network has finally launched!

This site is a very similar to Digg and allows moms to submit interesting links around the internet and/or add their blogs, allowing other members to vote on the content, determining what’s hot and what’s not. There are RSS feeds and email updates, delivering the latest mommy news to you each day.

And I must say, the site is highly useful. I visit it everyday to check on it but find myself clicking around and reading about all sorts of interesting things. Quite cool to see it being adopted so fast :-)

For this project we wrote some custom modules that control a proprietary system of algorithms to reveal hot topics, blogs, and users, both by time based, vote based, and category based filters. It’s an extensive system and it’s been written to be extremely high performance in mind—very noticeable as you click around the site.

Mom Blog Network also joins MothersClick in becoming part of our all new platform, ParentsClick Network, Inc., a new digital media venture to serve the needs of parents. It’s going to be a busy 2008 that’s for sure :-)

Stay tuned for updates!

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