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Launching 2 Guys Uncorked

After months of work with Jon, we’re finally pleased to announce that 2 Guys Uncorked has launched!

As per our blog post, “2 Guys Uncorked is an innovative, easy to use website dedicated to reviewing wines that can be found at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (and generally, most any other well stocked wine store). We make it easy to figure out what wines to buy each week depending on where you’ll be drinking them.”

This project has been great to work on and combines two of my passions: building websites and drinking wine.

During the construction of this site, I stumbled upon a lot of great Drupal tips, from streamlining things, to developing the site faster, and more. In future blog posts I’ll be detailing these, including how to build a wine management system, nifty RSS tricks with CCK, and some general theming tricks.

If there is anything you see on the site that you’re interested in, please leave a comment and in a future posts I’ll be sure to delve into how that aspect works. Look for a full featured Drupal writeup soon too.

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Jamie Larson