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ted 3.0: A Drupal Blog Redesign

About 9 months ago I redesigned this blog unveiling the black & blue theme. For a while the redesign was great and reflected my current state of mind–the previous year had been a bit bumpy and the black & blue was to be symbolic of the “bruises” along the way.

With this new design, however, things are starting to blossom and I am entitling this new design “Spring Breeze” — indicating a refreshing amount of new change coming in the next few months, which I will be blogging about in more detail when the time comes. Not to mention, I can’t wait for the tracks to reopen :D

This updated design is using the latest Drupal 5 with the latest versions of corresponding modules. Drupal 6, while awesome in it’s own and I’m eager to play with, IMO is still not ready for prime, especially with most modules not being fully updated, nor fully tested yet. Late spring is going to be a great time for that release and I expect to upgrade later.

Powering this new design is my brand new Drupal base theme: Blueprint, based upon the Blueprint CSS framework. I’ll be official releasing and blogging about that next week (this week I’m in San Francisco) so stay tuned.

So what do you think of the new design? Did you find some cross browser bugs I was too lazy to test fully for? Let me know, leave some comments :)

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Jamie Larson