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Techstars Mobility Welcomes New Partner, New Community Partners and Office Collaborators

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I am excited to unveil a new partner of Techstars Mobility, our new office in Detroit, and a handful of great new local partners and office collaborators.

Techstars Mobility is focused on all technologies that address the movement of people, goods, and services. For this program, we have partnered with six leading mobility corporations including Ford Motor Company, Magna International, Verizon Telematics, Dana Holding Corporation, Honda R&D Americas, and McDonald’s.

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Today, I am excited to announce we are adding a seventh partner: Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. A member of Munich Re’s US organization, Munich Re America offers the financial strength and stability that comes with being part of the world’s preeminent insurance and reinsurance brand. Munich Re researches and communicates on emerging risks – such as the future of mobility –  that could have a significant impact on society, clients and employees.

Our three-month, mentorship driven program runs this summer in downtown Detroit. It’s a full contact startup experience that culminates with a Demo Day on September 10th at The Fillmore Theater.

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Our new office at Ford Field
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And what better location to host our program than at the beautiful Ford Field, in downtown Detroit. This is a one-of-a-kind building that is connected via an atrium to the stadium where the Detroit Lions play. This 10,000 sq ft office gives our companies in each class an unprecedented startup experience in Detroit at a world-class office and facility.

Techstars is on a mission to be a catalyst to drive the startup community in Detroit. For the mobility program, we’ve been working closely with Fontinalis Partners, pioneers in investing in next-generation mobility solutions to help make Detroit the future mobility hub of the world.

Today, I’m pleased to announce we’re adding two more local Detroit partners to help us continue on this mission to build the startup community across #OneDetroit.

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Automation Alley is a technology business association dedicated to growing the economy of Southeast Michigan. With over 1000 members, Automation Alley brings deep automotive and manufacturing expertise and mentors to support Techstars Mobility companies.

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The Detroit Technology Exchange (DTX) is a programmatic partnership funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the New Economy Initiative. Techstars will be joining other partners including TechTown Detroit, Bizdom, Invest Detroit, the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, the Henry Ford Innovation Institute, and NextEnergy. By joining this partnership, Techstars Mobility gains access to hiring talented associates and being part of a collaboration for empowering entrepreneurs in Detroit.

On top of that, Techstars Mobility and the Detroit Lions are leading the way to create a new startup hub in Detroit at Ford Field. To do that, Techstars has collaborated with two incredible companies that will be opening offices in Detroit, greatly enhancing the Techstars Mobility office, and offering their services across the region.

Oblong is the maker of Mezzanine, a collaborative

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conference room solution for innovative workplaces. Its futuristic technology enables Techstars Mobility to host real-time immersive visual collaboration sessions in one of the most high tech offices in all of Detroit.

PivotDesk, a Techstars Boulder 2012 alum and sharing economy leader, connects businesses who are looking for office space with those who have excess space. At Techstars Mobility, we leverage PivotDesk to invite outside

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companies to share our space during our off-program months. Please check PivotDesk later this summer to find out about space opportunities in our office.

We look forward to other high tech companies and startups joining us at Ford Field in the near future. We also can’t wait to show off our new office and host events around the region in 2015. We are proud to partner and work with such amazing organizations as we work towards our goal of making Detroit the future mobility hub of the world.

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