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I moved from San Francisco to Detroit on Oct 3, 2011.

I moved to Detroit to create a legacy and become one of the leaders of Detroit's startup renaissance.

I write on startup topics affecting Detroit and the greater Midwest burgeoning startup scene.

Just arrived in Dearborn, MI after driving 2,392 miles from San Francisco

Selected Topics I've Written on Detroit

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The Entrepreneurial Gold Rush: Why I moved from San Francisco to Detroit
Updated to include Detroit filing for bankruptcy on Aug 12, 2013. > “If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.”Arthur Goldberg, American statesman and juristEvery week, in a bewildered state, someone asks me “Hey Ted, why did you movefrom San Francisco to, uh,…
Why I love the Detroit startup scene
This is an updated version of an article I originally wrote for VentureBeat[]. People often ask me, “Why did you move from San Francisco to, uh, Detroit?” Theanswer is easy. > In 10 years, San Francisco will be as good as it…
Detroit’s Ascent to Become the Mobility City
Six years ago, I moved from San Francisco to Detroit. I’m now witnessing Detroitrebuilding and redefining itself. No longer the Motor City, the Mobility City ison the rise. Read on for what’s fueling this transformative change. This is an expanded and updated version of an article I wrote for Ven…
I’m #LongDetroit Even As Techstars Detroit Winds Down
I’m sad to say the Techstars Detroit Accelerator has been wound down. If you’ve read the news, it’s been covered here (TechCrunch)[], here (Wired)[…