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Redesigned: tedserbinski.com

Well after running with a fairly bland blog for quite a while, I’ve spent the last few sleepless nights on the redesign and I have to say, it’s turned out quite amazing, better than I intended!

The entire site is powered by Drupal 4.7 and I’ve written a custom Drupal theme that makes use of a variety of tricks, from manipulating Drupal to making the site look correct on IE6 cough only a handful of hacks cough.

I’ve also implemented a custom backend admin menu bar/theme as well. Built with a few CSS and JS tricks, it works great. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t clutter up the site as it always stays on top, almost seemingly out of the way. On admin specific pages I increase the width of the page to accomodate large forms, but otherwise, that is the only real tweak needed to make the admin theme tie in directly to my site. Cool, huh?

In the coming weeks I plan to write about how I designed very aspects of the site, along with, yes, releasing my admin menu bar as some sort of theme enhancement/module/what-have-you.

Till then, please let me know what you think of the redesign and if you encounter any bugs!

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Jamie Larson