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Orange Mint Drupal theme for download

As noted in my previous post, the previous ts theme, called “Orange Mint” is now available for download :-)

Note, this theme works with Drupal 4.7, but will require a tiny bit of work to work with Drupal 5, I leave this as an exercise for the reader :-)

Because this theme is highly limited–it’s a simple blog theme–and because it needs to be updated to Drupal 5 and a few bugs probably need to be squashed, I’m not putting this in the Drupal theme repository, as it’s not 100% ready for there. But if anyone wants to take the theme, adjust it, make it more usable and upload it, by all means, please do so! I just ask that a credit link back here as the original source, that’s all!

So have a play around, there are a couple theming tricks in there. Leave your feedback and any questions, cheerios!

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Jamie Larson