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New OLF module, released from SF

Yes, that’s correct–my new OLF module is ready for consumption. What’s OLF? Well it stands for “outgoing links filter” and this module is a simple filter that finds all outgoing links (e.g., links that point to external websites relative to your website) and allows you to add a customizable class to these links. From there, you can easily add some CSS magic to add in icons or attach some unobtrusive JavaScript.

So why do that? Well it’s a method for making more accessible links. And plus, opening a new window to show that you are leaving the site is just super annoying–an icon is far more unobtrusive.

This module also currently follows my trend of releasing modules from random cafes around the globe. Just a few weeks ago, I released my menu bar from Belgium. Today, I release my OLF module from a cafe in San Francisco. What’s next? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see :-p

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Jamie Larson