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Top 13 Strategies for Startups to Work with the Automotive Mobility Industry

Watch the video discussion and learn about the top 13 strategies for startups to work with the automotive mobility industry. Compiled by founders, investors, and mentors with extensive startup and automotive mobility experience. The #1 question I get asked by startups is “How can I work with the automotive mobility

Top 13 Strategies for Startups to Work with the Automotive Mobility Industry
corporate innovation — 9 min read

The Power of Mentorship: 11 Takeaways from Studying Entrepreneurial Mentorship

I like to say "mentors are where the magic happens" as the secret sauce to Techstars. A new research report written by researchers from the University of Michigan and Enterprise Futures Network and funded in part by the Kauffman Foundation, provides concrete evidence to support this belief. Read on for

founders — 5 min read

Spinning out new startups with Siemens/next47

In the 2017 and 2018 classes of Techstars Detroit, I worked closely to spin out 2 startups that I invested in. In 2017, this startup was EcoG []. In 2018, this startup was DeepHow []. Long Haul Films [] did an amazing job

corporate innovation — 1 min read

Why I love the Detroit startup scene

People often ask me, “Why did you move from San Francisco to, uh, Detroit?” The answer is easy.

Detroit — 5 min read

One Entrepreneur’s Journey: Jon Rossi, 2015 Techstars Detroit Founder

Meet Jon Rossi: Founder and CEO of MyDealerService. Jon is one example of a passionate founder who has experienced the Techstars network in many different ways.

founders — 1 min read