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DrupaLMAO Interview

Last week when I was in NYC for MothersClick meetings, I met for an interview with Jerad Bitner and Dave Burns, both developers at SonyBMG. These guys run a site called DrupaLMAO, a Diggnation inspired site that posts weekly videos talking about the Drupal community.

In the interview I talk about how I got into Drupal and what projects I’m currently working on. I discuss how MothersClick is a blossoming startup project and how sister site, Mom Blog Network, a Digg-esque site for moms, works. Both of these projects have spun off great contributions to the Drupal community including the SimpleFeed module and my forthcoming Blueprint theme, do within a week. We wrap up the interview talking about my hobby project, 2 Guys Uncorkedand how we’re changing the idea of wine and making it fun and easy, with huge results :)

Here’s the full interview: http://drupalmao.com/ted-serbinski-interview

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Jamie Larson