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Drupal admin menu bar released

One of the biggest problems I run into when creating Drupal sites is a proper admin theme. Sure, there are various techniques to have a different admin theme, but often I want to integrate that into the current design. Many times that is ok, but the real problem was the admin menu–where the heck could I place it, it often didn’t fit the design I was working on.

Well I thought about it a bit, then I took some HTML, theming logic, and a bit of CSS (and JS to help out our IE friends), and voila, an admin menu bar for Drupal that doesn’t interfere with your design.

The admin menu bar is a semantic list of links styled with CSS and uses the position: fixed property to always appear at the top of the page (except in IE, because well, yeah you know :-)). It uses the :hover property to create the cascading menu effect and for you IE folks, there is some JS to emulate this.

So have a download and let me know what you think. This is for Drupal 4.7.

And be sure to READ the README.txt, it has all you need to know.

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