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Working on the BMW M3, it's back!

1 min read

Well my BMW M3 has been sitting on the sidelines over the past year due to all my traveling and work. Now that all that has subsided and things are back under control, I spent the weekend working on the car, breathing new life into the car through a variety of fixes :-)

Starting with new UUC underdrive pulleys, these should bring in a couple more HP, and in my drive after, the M3 was a bit faster under hard acceleration.

New spark plugs, along with the awesome BG44k fuel cleaner really made a difference, smoothing out starting the car and improving idle.

New Valeo Ultimate wiper blades create a much sportier look, and through the end of August, it’s buy one get one free on the awesome wiper blades at Tirerack!

Well now that the car is running smoother again and looks great (finally washed it ;-)), I’ll be stepping things up with some new parts and modifications soon, w00t!

Back on the track spring 2008 hopefully…


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