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Rebuilding a BMW intake: S52 to M50 manifold conversion, a list of parts

Coming to you live from my parents garage in this 7 part series, are the chronicled adventures my dad and myself had converting an S52 intake manifold to the larger M50 intake manifold.

The following is a fairly comprehensive list of parts I replaced when I upgraded my manifold from an S52 to an M50 one. These parts are either related to the upgrade itself or were replaced as preventive and/or performance measures because the manifold off and each part was much more accessible than normal.

  • 1 KO performance M50 intake manifold conversion kit
  • 1 OEM M50 fuel rail cover
  • 1 knock sensor (has 2 sensors on one unit), #12141703276
  • 1 intake boot, #13541740073
  • 1 vanos oil line, #11361703464
  • 4 oil line seals, #32411093596
  • 1 vanos solenoid switch, #11361703720
  • 1 heater hose, valve to core, #64211394291
  • 1 heater hose, return #64211394292
  • 1 hose, engine return, #11531703844
  • 1 hose, head to throttle housing, #13541703865
  • 1 hose, throttle to return hose, #13541703945
  • 2 throttle body gaskets, #11611716174
  • 1 hose, idle control valve, #13541740159

I also bought a lot of other normal rubber hoses and tubes and used that to replace the rest of the hoses that I could reach with the manifold off.

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