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Mobility Startups

Mobility startups that Ted Serbinski has invested in since June 2015.

I am the founding Managing Director of the Techstars Mobility program. Since 2015, I have invested in 44 mobility startups changing the future of transportation. Below is a complete list of my mobility startup investment portfolio.

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Last updated: July 2018

Since June 2015

  • 44 companies
  • From 8 countries: United States, Canada, Chile, China, Israel, Germany, UAE, United Kingdom
  • 95% active or acquired
  • Total Funding: $50M
  • Market capitalization: $220M
  • 68% of founding teams have diverse founding teams through gender, ethnicity, age, or other

Portfolio List

Acerta: Enterprise platform that uses machine learning to detect anomalies and predict failures in real-time for vehicles coming off the assembly line or being driven.  (Waterloo, Canada  -  Class of 2016)

Aerotronic: (Autonomous inspection of the energy grid with drones. (Indianapolis, IN  -  Class of 2018)

Autobon AI: Eliminating many problems truckers and fleet owners face by retrofitting a connected sensing platform for existing commercial vehicles. (Chicago, IL  -  Class of 2018)

Braiq: Personalizing the self-driving car. (New York City  -  Class of 2016)

Busbot: Provide long-distance travelers with an enhanced door-to-door travel experience by using demand data to improve coordination between transportation providers. (New York City  -  Class of 2017)

Carma: Monthly car subscriptions. An affordable monthly fee to drive any of our cars with insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance included. _ (Washington, DC  -  Class of 2017)_

Cargo: Data-driven general store for the ride-sharing economy. (New York City  -  Class of 2016)

CDL Warrior [shutdown]: Communication and productivity platform for the trucking industry that connects truck drivers to their supply chain partners and improves efficiency, visibility and compliance. (Pittsburgh, PA  -  Class of 2015)

Classics&Exotics [acquired by Hagerty]: Brings the “sharing economy” into the car enthusiast’s garage, allowing classic and exotic car enthusiasts to now offset their car ownership costs by renting their cars to pre-screened, highly qualified fellow enthusiasts. (Cape Cod, MA  -  Class of 2015)

cycuro: Cybersecurity solution for smart mobility companies, focusing on risks to business applications. We guarantee system integrity, data validity and service availability. (Tel Aviv, Israel  -  Class of 2017)

Damon X Labs: mission is to advance the safety of motorcycling by 10X for the $90 billion dollar motorcycle market. Incubated in collaboration with Yamaha, we are developing AI-enhanced proactive safety systems for motorcycles by leveraging the rapid development and investment in sensor technologies for self-driving cars. (Vancouver, Canada  -  Class of 2017)

DeepHow: An enterprise solution that transforms static technical manuals into interactive workflow guidance powered by artificial intelligence. (New York City, NY  -  Class of 2018)

Derq: MIT spin-off with a mission to eliminate road accidents and save lives by using artificial intelligence and V2X communication technologies. (Dubai, UAE  -  Class of 2017)

Donut Media: The media company for the next generation of auto enthusiast. (Los Angeles, CA  -  Class of 2016)

Driver Technologies: A hardware-free mobile app enabling drivers to video-record their trip while warning them of dangers in the road and monitoring their alertness. (Brooklyn, NY  -  Class of 2018)

Drive Spotter: Building the world’s first navigation app that sees the road ahead._ (Omaha, NE  -  Class of 2016)_

EcoG: Customized EV fast charging experience through a PaaS for value added services and shared revenue streams._ (Munich, Germany  -  Class of 2017)_

Elegus: Kevlar nanotechnology that can enable safer, longer lasting batteries. (Ann Arbor, MI  -  Class of 2015)

Fathom: Future of underwater adventure through an affordable, easy to use, underwater drone. (Grand Rapids, MI  -  Class of 2017)

GoKid: A complete carpool solution for schools, teams and active families. (New York City  -  Class of 2016)

Gridwise: Gridwise is a mobile platform that provides tools and insights to help on-demand drivers increase earnings and optimize time on the road. (Pittsburgh, PA  -  Class of 2017)

HAAS Alert: True real-time mobile V2V connected car and autonomous driving notification platform, starting with alerting drivers when  emergency vehicles are approaching. (Chicago, IL  -  Class of 2016)

HERO App [shutdown]: Rewarding safe behavior and helping impaired drivers get home safely. (Austin, TX  -  Class of 2016)

Humanising Autonomy: Helping autonomous vehicles understand pedestrian behavior across cultures. (London, UK  -  Class of 2018)

Invision AI_ (formerly Algocian_): Image recognition platform for security and automotive cameras. (Toronto, Canada  -  Class of 2016)

IntelliTire: Making tires intelligent to improve the safety and performance of vehicles on the road. (San Francisco, CA  -  Class of 2018)

LaneSpotter: Mapping and navigation for cyclists by cyclists, with a focus on safety. (Pittsburgh, PA  -  Class of 2018)

Lumos: The next generation of bike helmets. (Hong Kong, China  -  Class of 2018)

Lunar Wireless: Mobile without a monthly bill. Get unlimited only for what you want, pay right when you use it, and that’s it. (Detroit, MI  -  Class of 2015)

Motoroso: Combines content, community, and commerce for automotive enthusiasts to help them discover, connect, and buy everything that powers their lifestyle. Essentially “ for gearheads”. (Central Coast, CA  -  Class of 2015)

My Dealer Service: Empowering service departments with digital connectivity and workflow management, elevating efficiency and creating an unprecedented customer experience. (Denver, CO  -  Class of 2015)

Pitstop: Cloud based marketing retention platform for automotive service centers. Using telematics and artificial intelligence Pitstop is able to predict vehicle failures and automate customer communication. (Waterloo, Canada  -  Class of 2015)

Priva: Inventing a new way to travel in luxury while skipping the hassles of flying. (Chicago, IL  -  Class of 2018)

Rally: Community mobility platform that powers pop-up mass transit with high occupancy vehicles. (New York City  -  Class of 2016)

Revio: Universal telematics designed specifically for the powersports industry. (Louisville, KY  -  Class of 2015)

SEEVA: Visibility for mobility. Our ecosystem of patented technologies cleans windshields, LED headlights, cameras and sensors fast - so drivers don’t have to scrape or wipe. (Seattle, WA  -  Class of 2017)

SkyHi: Claim last minute seats on planes for a low monthly subscription fee. (San Francisco, CA  -  Class of 2018)

Spatial: Using real-time social media data, Spatial enables vehicles to answer questions only a local would know. (Cincinnati, OH  -  Class of 2016)

SPLT [acquired by Bosch]: Enterprise transportation platform changing  the way people commute  worldwide and in partnership with Lyft, improving patient care providing reliable, affordable mobility access for all.  (Detroit, MI  -  Class of 2015)

Wheeli: Carpooling app for college students. Think of it as the Airbnb for the empty car seats on the road - 80% of which are empty when people drive. Students with cars split driving costs, make new friends and reduce their carbon footprint by selling their empty car seats to students needing a ride to the driver's destination. (New York City  -  Class of 2017)

Wise Systems: Route optimization software to help companies deliver goods and services when they are needed most. . (Cambridge, MA  -  Class of 2015)

Vartega: Creates low-cost recycled carbon fiber for vehicle lightweighting to enable mobility solutions such as battery technology, connectivity, and autonomy. (Golden, CO  -  Class of 2017)

Voyhoy: Multimodal booking platform where travelers can compare and buy bus, plane, train, and ferry tickets throughout Latin America. (Miami, FL / Santiago, Chile  -  Class of 2016)

Zohr: New tires delivered and installed for your vehicle. (Kansas City, MO  -  Class of 2018)