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Mobility Startup Innovation

I am the founding Managing Director of the Techstars Mobility program. Since 2015, I have invested in 54 startups in the mobility space.

I define mobility as any technology or service that enables people and goods to move around more freely.

Thoughts on Mobility

Below are my thoughts on the space and how startups are disrupting the way people and goods move around. I also include my thoughts on running Techstars Mobility in Detroit, at the intersection of 2 of Detroit's biggest strengths: it's automotive dominance and it's entrepreneurial resurgence.

About Techstars Mobility

On Dec 11th, 2014, Bill Ford introduced Techstars Mobility to the world. Here's a video clip from that inaugural announcement. The day before, Detroit exited the biggest-ever U.S. municipal bankruptcy. That morning, the Detroit Free Press captured both of these historic events.

The front page of the Detroit Free Press, December 11, 2014.

Since December 2014, I have interacted with nearly 1000 startups through video chats and their applications to Techstars Mobility. I am amazed by the innovation around the world as people think about the future of transportation through new mobility technologies and services.

Over 5 years of running Techstars Mobility, I reviewed over 3000 startups from 57 countries across 6 continents.

Quick Video Overview from the Inaugural Demo Day in September 2015