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Announcing jCalendar - a jQuery date picker

NOTE: This project has been superceded by the most excellent jQuery Calendar. All development on this plugin will now be merged with that project.

I am pleased to announce that my jQuery date picker is now ready for consumption, check it out here:

jCalendar on Github

This plugin was originally written to improve the interface for adding activities on MothersClick.com and will be working as the new input widget for date module. Initial mom reactions have been extremely positive (from a couple beta testers) and we hope to roll this into production after we iron out the kinks with Karen to get this into date module as the new default widget.

This interface was largely inspired by BaseCamp and is quite accessible and works when JavaScript is disabled.

Right now it is a stand alone jQuery plugin, but soon it should be the new default widget for date module. Gerhard has expressed interest to add this to event module and Boris and Steven from Bryght have also expressed interest in contributing to this plugin and extending it, fitting my long term vision of working similar to Google Calendar, and perhaps even inclusion for Drupal 7—a lot easier to choose a submitted date, huh?

So please give it a whirl, post bug reports, and let me know what you think!

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Jamie Larson