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The Paulding Light

Last week we were in upstate Michigan and went to see the Paulding Light just outside of Watersmeet, MI. This is a mysterious phenomenon of blinking lights, that almost looks like a mini star.

You can read more about the Paulding Light here and also find directions and other theories that try to explain where this light comes from.

When we saw it, there was a pathway that followed the power lines that looked like you could walk closer to the light. We walked a bit but the light never appeared larger. Some other folks there that night walked considerably closer and they said they never saw the light at all–despite us saying we saw it a few times as they walked! So it disappears as you get closer, crazy!

Below is a short movie I made putting together clips from our cameras that we had. Can’t wait to go back next year with some more equipment to explore!

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Jamie Larson