Drupal 4.7 is out! So is my new video...

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So Drupal 4.7 is finally out! It’s been almost a year, but it’s certainly been worth it. Look at all of the cool new features! It’s a really great feeling having contributed many hours to this release myself, including one whole new feature of my own: MySQLi support!

Not only that, but I’ve created my first full feature video tutorial on installing Drupal 4.7. Here’s the main Drupal.org link and here it is on Lullabot.com.

Check out what people are saying about my video and Matt’s and Jeff’s on Drupal.org and Digg.

Boy, was creating this movie harder than I thought! For an ~8min movie, it took just about ~8hrs to create and edit it and I was on a Mac! Whew, but it certainly was worth it, as it came out so professional looking, I might add ;-)

Stay tuned, there’ll be many more videos coming down the pipe.

Current reviews I’ve been receiving:

If you have an account, please digg it for more exposure. The videocasts are /really/ classy. Ted and Jeff have done an awesome job.

Thanks Steven!

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